Our Advantages

Our advantages

Our company has 50 senior mold engineers,mold production equipment is complete :GNC、 Milling machines、Spark machine、 grinding machine、turning lathe、drilling machine、Sawing machines、internal and external grinding machine etc..we can offer whole service of researching and developing, making, producing for the customer.

10 Evade glue machine,specializing in the production of evade glue figure、 piggy bank, etc.all kinds of ancillary equipment specifications, strong technical force. convenient for customers according to different product design to choose corresponding materials production.

Our company has 15years of experience in toys outside the single processing,Has professional production factories, office buildings, showroom, Conference Room,cargo warehouse, etc.Showroom gathering samples of various kinds of toys and crafts,professional customer service, provides customers with easy and convenient business negotiation and comfortable working environment.

The company has professional supporting new dust-free workshop production line,food grade products of professional production lines, equipment is complete, the environment clean and tidy,Effectively block the harmful particles in the air and bacteria and other harmful air pollutants,ensure the product clean sanitation

Company supporting the professional product testing laboratory, provide products related to the conventional test:high temperature detections、orque&tension、transport model test、drop box testing etc..

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