Gangster baby by GUMMIVENUS

Gangster baby by GUMMIVENUS

Gangster baby has been BORN! After months of anticipation Melbourne and Bangkok based “GUMMIVENUS” has popped out into the world! Meet Gangster baby! Some say he’s a byproduct of SpongeBob and psychedelic mushrooms! All we know he’s up for adoption TODAY!

Was thinking of how human babies are born and have baby pacifier with them but normally don’t see old school cartoons that have it

Tried to bring the big babies cheek elements toward the character as well. Also making the eyes very psychedelic because that’s what I like. 

Judging from the photos, GUMMIVENUS has a clean-cut resin art collectable on their hands and a promising finish to it. The count down begins!

Edition: 50 

WHEN: release date 27th 7pm New York (Tues) 12am (Tues-Wed) 28th 9am Australia 


PRICE: 125usd 

Find gummivenus via Instagram.